Representing Planning and Zoning Boards, we provide guidance on interpretation of Town Codes, New York State Statutes and Comptroller and Attorney General Opinions to ensure that each determination finds full support in the law.  We work closely with Boards, Code Enforcement Officers, Building Inspectors and Engineers to interpret statutes and facilitate compliance with all codes and regulations, including New York State's Environmental Quality Review Act ("SEQR").

Providing guidance to landowners and developers, we work to make trips to Planning and Zoning Boards as painless as possible. Our goal is to fast-track the approval process by working closely with Town staff and Town engineers. 

We also represent landowners wishing to challenge proposed development based on procedural grounds or a municipality's failure to undertake an adequate environmental review.  For example, a highly controversial “cluster subdivision”  was successfully halted

based on the City's failure to comply with its zoning ordinance and SEQR.  See, Ortiz v. City of Planning Commission of the City of Rochester (Monroe County Supreme Court, index number 04/01000).  Most recently, the re-zoning of a residential property to light industrial was challanged based on the Town’s failure to comply with notice provisions and SEQR.

Whether you are a developer or municipality seeking procedural guidance  with the planning and zoning process or an individual that would like to determine if a project is moving forward in compliance with local codes and state statutes, we can certainly help.